Cantaloupe & Corn

I picked my first cantaloupe and two ears of sweet corn today!!

My lovely cantaloupe. I have never really liked cantaloupe but I planted it because my husband likes it. Well, I now like cantaloupe too…it’s delicious!!

Yummy, juicy, garden raised cantaloupe!!

We diced the cantaloupe and ate it for breakfast…yum! The two ears of corn I picked both looked really good, they both had 1 worm in them (we didn’t use any pesticides so I was pleased with 1 worm) at the top of the ear but we pulled them off and cut off the wormy part! I can’t wait to eat sweet corn that I raised!!

I am enjoying my garden so much and seeing the fruits of my labor and realizing how great it feels to be able to produce your own food!

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  1. Fresh garden-raised cantaloupe tastes soo much better than store-bought! I’ve never been a huge fan of it either, but I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve gotten from the farmer’s market this year! I hope to try it next year in our garden.

    Have a great day!

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