Over the past week we have been simplifying our home. We have been seriously trying to get rid of things we don’t need in an attempt to live a minimal and simple life. I have found in my life that the less things I have the more content I am and the more focused I am on important things in my life: relationship with Christ, my husband, family and friends.

We have been seriously going through our belongings and getting rid of the items we no longer need and use. We’ve tackled¬†our master bed, bath, and closet, livingroom, studio/office and kitchen (the guest room & bath are clutter free since they aren’t used on a regular basis!) I’ve been amazed at the amount of stuff that we have managed to get rid of.

All of this left the master when I decluttered Monday.

I knew there was much more that could go! Friday I decided to take on my clothes and seriously evaluate every piece I had. I pulled everything out of the closet and started by putting back my favorite clothing items that I wear the most. After I had put all of my favorites back, I tried everything else on and my wonderful husband helped evaluate some of the clothes, whether it was flattering, the color was good, it was a nice style, etc. (And since I dress only for my husband and not to impress other people, his opinion is the only one I care about!)

All of this is from round two of the decluttering!

My closet now (minus 6 dresses, 4 dress jackets, 3 winter coats & 8 cardigans/sweaters.)¬† I have found over the past few days that it has been much easier to decide what to wear because I like everything and know it’s flattering!

In addition to the Master, we have gotten rid of stuff from our livingroom, kitchen, and studio/office. Books, old magazines, & old pictures left the livingroom. The spice cabinet and pantry were cleaned out in the kitchen with outdated items being composted and items that are still good that we won’t eat going to the food pantry. In the studio (which my husband decluttered & rearranged) we got rid of old paperwork, random electronic items, school supplies from our college days (perfect time to donate this type stuff) and trash!!

It’s really great not having a lot of stuff in the house…now our next simplifying project will be the basement!!