Incorporating Healthier Foods into Our Diet

Over the course of the past few weeks I have been attempting to purchase and prepare healthier foods. I’m trying to avoid processed food, really sugary foods & most “junk” food. I know there is going to be a transition towards healthier eating and I’m not trying to jump in all at once and dramatically change our eating habits. I believe slow steps are in order, especially to avoid frustration, giving up and going back to some of our old habits. I’ve found a lot of helpful information on the site Passionate Homemaking in my attempt to make wise choices about the foods we eat and still stay within our budget.

I’m not, at this point, attempting to purchase and consume 100% organic foods, that’s just not feasible for us at this point.  I will be purchasing meats and produce that are conventionally raised.

Today we had our first grocery shopping trip of the month. We went to Whole Foods in Franklin.

Here is the Whole Foods Purchase:

2.00 pounds Bread Flour  (@$1.39/lb) $2.78

0.83 pounds Black Beans (@$1.69/lb) $1.40

1.95 pounds Pinto Beans (@$1.99/lb) $3.88

1 bunch Leaf Lettuce $1.99

7.91 pounds Split Broilers (@$2.59/lb.) $20.49

14 ounces Coconut Oil $9.99

Total spent: $43.47 (Whole Foods takes $.10 off per bag you bring!!)



2 Replies to “Incorporating Healthier Foods into Our Diet”

  1. I just read the book, In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. It’s an interesting read. He boils it down to this: “Eat food, not too much, mainly plants.” I like that.

  2. Good for you! I love the Whole Foods in Franklin. My hubs and I have been there a couple times. When we have a couple days occasionally free, we like to travel up Nashville way. Our little lunch meet up will probably have to wait until late August or September. My parent’s 30th anniversary is coming up and we’re throwing a dessert reception for them on August 21. So that’s pretty much taking up any extra time I have right now! 🙂

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