Garden Update

The garden’s a-growin’ and I just get more excited every time I walk out to see it! I have a few ripe tomatoes, several tomatoes ripening, corn growing, cantaloupes getting bigger, it’s just wonderful!!

Ripe Cherry Tomatoes!

Growing Sweet Corn

My biggest Cantaloupe

Surprise Romas! I only planted Beefsteak & Cherry Tomatoes but I’m excited about the Romas!

3 Replies to “Garden Update”

  1. The tomato you weren't sure about looks like one of the ones I am growing. Mine are yellow pear tomatoes, they are an heirloom tomato and only get about the size of a cherry tomato. They are really good too, I hope that helps you a little.

  2. I'm so jealous of your garden.
    Everything looks great!
    We've only had strawberries and tomatoes this year. The zuchs flowered, but never grew any vegetable. Hopefully with the lasagna gardening next year, we will produce.


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