The Cost of My Livingroom

I’m joining in with the Nester and sharing how much I have spent on my living room! We’ve been married 3 years & are in our early 20s so most everything is hand-me-downs or was given to us as gifts. We appreciate the blessings and love the cozy little living room full of family furniture!!

*Barn Star-Gift from mother-in-law (she paid about $20 at Goodwill though!)

*Quilt Rack-My Daddy made it! (I made the quilt in the front!)

*Singer Sewing Desk/Treadle Machine-This belonged to my great-great grandma! My grandma gave it to me a few years ago & I love it! (The sewing machine on the desk belonged to my great grandma & it works wonderfully even though it’s older than me!)

*Singer Sewing Machine in Case- We purchased this at a local antique store a few years ago for $60!

*Rocking Chair-This rocking chair is called the Woods of Tennessee and is made up using 10 different woods. My husband gave it to me our 2nd Christmas. It was $325 (and worth every penny)!

*Pinwheel Quilt- I just finished this quilt this week! It is made mostly from scraps and I spent $5.90 on it altogether!

*Floor Lamp-Wedding gift!

*Curtains- I just love my mistreatments! (This price is for both windows.) I bought this fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby, it was $25.12!

*Curtain Rods- (For both windows) These were a great find at Ross! I paid $13.98 for both!!

*Ring Clips- I bought a package of ring clips from Hobby Lobby for $5.99!

*Barn Star Candleholder-Goodwill find!! I paid $3.99 for it!

*Wreath-My mom bought this for me at an antique/gift store!

*Home Sweet Home picture-My mom gave this to me a few weeks ago! I just love it and it fits in perfectly with the living room decor!!

*TV Stand-Belonged to my husband when he lived with his parents. I would love to have a nice armoire but since that would cost money we don’t have we are more than happy to use this TV stand!

*Coffee Table- This came from my in-laws and I just love it!

*Picture Frame Tray- (It’s on the coffee table) My mom gave me this, I put black and white pictures from our wedding in it & I love it!

*Bookshelf-This too came from my in-laws! All of the picture frames, the clock & tray were gifts! (Most of them wedding gifts!!)

*Couch-This came with my husband too! I just love the black leather sectional!

*Yorkie Poo- Our dog Mac makes a nice decoration!! He was free too…my sister had 2 dogs & when she found out she was pregnant she gave us Mac! (We joke that everything is second hand including the dog!)

*Red Throw- My favorite blanket…wonderful wedding gift!

*Crocheted Throw-We purchased this at an estate sale last summer. We spent $10.50 on the throw, a big box of fabric, several cookbooks, a Christmas plate and other odds and ends. Let’s say the throw was $5!

*Pillows– I made these using leftover fabric from the curtains!

*Picture Frames with Wedding Pictures- I paid $9.98 for both of these at Goodwill. (They are Target frames and still were in the original packaging & came with matting!!)

*’B’ Painting- This was a gift from a friend! The painting has ‘as for me and my house we will serve the Lord’ as the background! Check out her website If These Walls Could Speak to see more of her customizable artwork!

*Live, Love, Laugh Stickers- These were from my mother-in-law! (She bought it at Dollar Tree….that’s $1 for this!!)

*Blanket Chest- This belonged to my husband’s great grandma! We stained it and put on new hardware and spent right at $15 on that!

So that’s our cozy little second hand living room!!

Grand Total (that we have spent)$469.96

It’s kinda hard to believe that we have spent less than $500 on our entire living room! You’d think on that kind of budget we would have a couch from the 1980s & hate our living room but the opposite is true…we love it!!! Of course, I would love an armoire & a nice chair/recliner in black leather or black/cream plaid! It would be nice but those things will come with time (& more money!)


8 Replies to “The Cost of My Livingroom”

  1. Rachel, so glad you're on the party list. Isn't it fun to see other people's stuff?
    Hope you can stop by my living room soon!
    Have a great week!

  2. The Living Room is absolutely beautiful. You have done really well for less than $500! Great job.

    We are kind of the same way. The couch & loveseat were my husband's (he said they are 8 years old – luckily, he bought something that is timeless and you cant tell is 8 years old), a reclining loveseat was free from my mom when she moved, a huge entertainment center was free from the in-laws, items that fill the entertainment center were just a few dollars from an auction. Our hunter green wingback chair came from someone's curb (I still cant believe they were throwing it away). What's amazing is that even though everything came from so many different sources – it all matches. Gotta love it!

    Well done, Rachel!


  3. PS – Another way to possibly get your armoir & chair…auctions!
    I'm not sure if your area is on this website, but you can search by zipcode.

    I have found the best auctions to go to are the storage unit ones. I have purchased a huge dresser with mirror for $5! I've seen couches, loveseats, beds, craft items, etc.

    Good luck!


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