Pinwheel Quilt

I have been working on this small quilt off and on several months! I originally planned to just do the blue pinwheels but added in red to give it more color! It didn’t cost much either. The fabric in the blue pinwheels were leftover from another quilt, the red gingham was given to me, I purchased the white fabric for the pinwheels for $3.07, my grandma gave me the red backing and white fabric used for binding, the batting was given to me and the red thread was $2.83. So all together I spent $5.90!

The backing!

This is where it is now! I love the red, white & blue…perfect for July!
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  1. I've been reading about you working on it, and I'm glad you finished it. It's beautiful! And I can't believe it only cost $5.90 – actually, I can since it's you!

  2. It looks gorgeous Rachel! Doesn't it feel great to get a sewing project done? I just finished up a long one too:)


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