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The Garden

Our garden is growing really well! I am learning as I go, I may have a degree in Agriculture but basic gardening is not taught! This is my first time to have my own garden! It is far from perfect and many of my plants are a little behind but I am learning so much and we have vegetables growing (the most important thing about the garden!!)

We haven’t used any chemicals in the garden but we do use liquid Miracle Grow once a week. Surprisingly we haven’t had many problems with bugs…I hope they stay away as our vegetables grow!

The Garden

My largest Bell Pepper

Green Beans…they were planted late but hopefully they will produce!

Tomatoes…the Tomato plants are small but they are producing!

Cantaloupe plant

The beautiful Cherry Tomatoes!

I am so excited about salads with Cherry Tomatoes, canning Tomatoes, eating fresh Cantaloupe, making fajitas with the Bell Peppers….

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