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Home Improvements

We have recently finished the last of the “major” home improvements! We have lived in our home 6 1/2 months and now have painted every door inside, all walls (minus wainscoting in dining room), all baseboards, crown molding, and chair-rail! It feels wonderful to have all of this done!

Painted guest room closet…we hope to put in some type of closet system soon but for now it is just an empty closet ( & I refuse to allow it to collect clutter!)

Painted studio closet!

Fixed the wiring in the living room!! These switches have been uncovered with some of them hanging out for 6 1/2 months so I am so happy to have the wiring fixed & covered! My father-in-law and husband worked on this project this weekend! It’s wonderful to have it fixed!

And, I finally found a shower curtain! We have had only a liner up since we moved in! I refused to pay $20-30 for a shower curtain knowing that if I patiently waited and looked around I would find one at a good price! I found this new looking, white curtain at Goodwill for $3.99!