Saving Weekend Leftovers

We had an overabundance of food this weekend!

On top of all the food I bought for the weekend, my mother-in-law brought lots of fruits and veggie. Our friends, The Claros, had an abundance of Chicken Pasta that they blessed us with!

Our fridge NEVER looks like this; it is never full because we would waste so much food if it was and I like to be able to see everything in there!

After our family left, what were we supposed to do with all of the food? There was no way we could eat all of it without having any go to waste so I decided to freeze some of the leftovers!

This is what I froze:

2- 1 cup bags Raspberries
2-1 cup bags Pineapples (for smoothies)
2-1 cup bags Blueberries
2-4 pack Buns
1- 1/2 gallon Chicken Pasta
2-1/2 quart bags Baked Beans

I saved food which saves us money and nothing will go to waste!

One Reply to “Saving Weekend Leftovers”

  1. Great job, Rachel!
    I love freezing things. It helps when I dont feel like cooking something – I can just go and grab something to thaw, and voila! A homemade dinner versus going out to eat.


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