Quilt Progress

I am working on a pinwheel quilt….this has been an ongoing project for months! I started this project back in October and referred to it in the Easy Baby Quilt video back in February!

All of the blocks are sewn together in strips.

It is now time to sew the strips together to make a beautiful quilt top!

2 Replies to “Quilt Progress”

  1. Oh, I love your quilt! Since I was a little girl I have been sewing. Most of my sewing is by hand and I was thinking about asking Santa for a sewing machine. Any recommendations?

  2. Thanks Pam!

    I don't know much about new sewing machines…I am sewing on a 25-year-old Brother sewing machine! My mother and mother-in-law both have Kenmore machines ( but they are about 20 years old!)

    Anybody have any recommendations for new machines?

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