No New Clothes Challenge

A few months ago while I was cleaning out my closet and evaluating my spring/summer clothes I realized I have a lot more clothes than I need. Even knowing this, I would still like to have new clothes and spring/summer clothes are my favorites to buy because they are so cute!

I decided to challenge myself and not purchase any new clothes for the summer season…this means no clothes from thrift stores & yard sales too! It is going to be a bit of a challenge but the way I look at it I am getting more value out of the clothes I already have and saving money which can be applied to our emergency fund once we pay off the last little bit of our debt!!

6 Replies to “No New Clothes Challenge”

  1. I just also planned not buying clothes so we can use that budget on other important stuff we need in the house this summer. It will take a lot of restraint on my part and avoiding stores so my heart won't be set on any clothes this season lol. I'm not worried about my outfit for summer. It's winter I'm more worried about coz we all need layers and layers of clothes.

  2. Rachel,
    Hi this is Bobbi Jo (Good to be queen blog) I will get the recipe to you tomorrow. It is simple and so yummy! A family favorite and a great one to take to potlucks too! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  3. Bobbi Jo,

    I am excited about the recipe!! 🙂


    A blog clothing swap would be wonderful (& frugal!) 🙂

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