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I Made a Dress | Frugal & Simple

I Made a Dress

I made my firstĀ dress with my mom in April. She taught me how to read the pattern and I paid attention to everything she did.

I decided I needed to make one by myself as a test to see what I had actually learned.

I spent several hours one day and was able to cut it out and sew most of it. I ignored it a few weeks and finally put in the zipper and put some finishing touches on it. The only thing I didn’t do was hem it, my mother-in-law hemmed it for me! (I tried to hem it and it was frustrating; I can hem but it is my least favorite part of sewing!)


The dress:

It is not exactly perfect but I am very proud of it!

I wore it to church on Sunday. It is a very light cream with royal blue flowers. My white sweater didn’t match and my cream sweater was too dark plus it looked bland so I added this hot pink sweater to give it some color…very cute!

Cost: $1.95 for the zipper! I already had the pattern, zipper, dress fabric and lining fabric.

I didn’t want to go out and purchase $10-12 worth of fabric for an experimental dress so I looked in my fabric stash to see what I had and there was enough of this blue floral fabric & solid cream (for the lining) to make a dress. The fabric is from curtains in my old apartment! When we moved I changed color schemes and had no need for them! (Of course I made the curtains inexpensively out of simple cotton fabric so it’s not like I made a dress out of drapery fabric!!) I am calling the dress my Scarlett dress!!

The curtains:

Here is the fabric in its former glory in my living room!

You just can’t beat $1.95 for a cute little dress with an even funnier story!