New Grill

On Memorial Day we went shopping for a new grill and in true Boreing fashion we got it discounted. We had our choice narrowed down to 2 grills and we spent about 30 minutes comparing the two and trying to decide which on we wanted. Finally, a salesman asked if a discount would make the decision easier. My bargain savvy husband said, “Of course.” One of the grills, which was $189, had a few scratches and a bowed hot dog dog rack. They discounted it to $149 and John David said, “We’ll take it!” So this is our new grill which we got $40 off which is 20% savings!! Yay!

The grill is a Char-Griller. It looks like a smoker and the name makes you think it is a charcoal grill but it is a gas grill. When we had our propane tank set for our home John David had them plumb in a line to the deck to hook up a grill so it’s hooked up to a 100 gallon propane we’ll be grilling all summer long!

Country syle ribs John David made last night! Yum! He soaked them in vinegar and then coated them with his special sauce (which is wonderful!)

The master griller himself! Now that we have a grill he will be taking care of a lot of the summer cooking which is wonderful! I am seeing hamburgers, ribs, chicken, pork chops, hot dogs and maybe even a grilled pizza in my future!!

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  1. Awesome grill! Jacob and I got a grill at Target last year with some money we got as wedding presents. We got ours at a great discount too! It’s wonderful to have a husband who loves to grill. Jacob grills tons during the summer. Grilled veggies are so good too. You’ll have to try them.

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