Ceiling Fans

Making over ceiling fans is easy – a can of spray paint can transform ugly green fans into beautiful fans for just a few dollars!

When we purchased our home it needed a lot of work, nothing too complicated just painting (every room, baseboards, crown molding, doors, and even closets!) There also were some pretty awful light fixtures in the bathrooms (which have been replaced!)

Our ceiling fans in the living room and master weren’t hideous they were just hunter green which matched the sage green walls that were in both rooms. Since they were green and weren’t going to match our paint colors we decided to purchase new fans. However, when we went to purchase ceiling fans (and we went twice) we spent over 30 minutes just looking and never found an affordable fan we liked. Then there was no money left in the home improvement budget and we decided to paint them!



It’s not a huge difference but the green is gone and we only spent $2.50 and about 1 hour taking them down, spray painting, and reassembling….much better than $100 for mediocre ceiling fans!

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  1. Excellent! I love to see this kind of makeover. I am considering trying to spray paint the base of my dinette table and the frame of the chairs. They are brass/gold color. Yuck! It was in when we bought them (1990ish?). Now I hate it! Maybe I will take inspiration from you and just do it! Its frugal and environmentally conscious too!

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