Curb Appeal

Our home is starting to have curb appeal! We have been spending time outside working and doing small things to make it beautiful!

We have put up hanging baskets with flowers, added white folding chairs and potted flowers on the steps!

Our potted petunias!

3 Replies to “Curb Appeal”

  1. That looks really nice…I am also trying to make our home look home-y…but can’t seem to find any ideas that will work…we have no steps and no front porch…very plain! I like your decorating ideas…you do a great job!

  2. cool! I also just finished working on our front yard and will post pics on my new blog!

  3. Your home looks beautiful! I am still working on making our home look home-y. it’s a small space, so it’s hard not to make it look cluttered. I made a cushion today (inspired by one of your previous posts).

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