Work in the Flowerbed

Our front flower bed has needed a lot of work and still needs even more! Earlier this week we were able to get quite a bit accomplished, doing some more weeding, pulling up old stumps and roots, and planting some flowers!



Much better, the big hole is looking a little better!

These day lilies came up on their own and there were several shoots so I separated them.

The Planter:



I have weeded and removed all the landscaping rocks from around the edge. (There are still concrete pieces around the edge I need to do something with!) See my Easter Lily that came up…beautiful!! Obviously we need to get a load of dirt to fill this in. We are planning on doing this pretty soon! Once we get it filled in, we plan for this area to become an herb garden!

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and enjoying my front yard since it’s starting to look beautiful!

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  1. It’s looking awesome Rachel! Great work…it’s so satisfying to see a project like that come together isn’t it?!

    Many Blessings,

  2. Hey! I just stumbled across your blog- it’s wonderful! Your flowerbed is looking nice…me and DH are moving soon to our first house, so I’m pretty excited about getting a garden of my own! 😀 Do you happen to have any moving tips? I’ve been asking around because I’ve never done this before 😉

  3. We moved twice last year (in May and then in December) and my first move I was very high strung to say the least, expecting everything to just have a spot, be perfectly organized & decorated in a few days…those expectations made me crazy & a little mean!! So when we moved in December I took a more laid back approach…I decided to do my best getting things put away and organized but realized the house was going to be messy & unsettled for about 2 weeks. This really helped! I didn't have any break down moments and was able to enjoy having a new home! And in about 2 weeks I had everything organized and started some decorating! The house is still a bit of a work in progress but I am loving it & those small home improvement projects are fun!!

    One other tip, during my first move it took me about a whole day to get my kitchen "logically organized" and that about drove me crazy! This time I sketched out all my cabinets and labeled where I wanted to organize things (ex. cups beside fridge, skillets, baking dishes close to stove)! When I moved my kitchen stuff to the house all I did was look at my sketch and place things where they belonged (took me about 2 hours!) This little bit of preparation really helped!!

  4. Great progress! We have been working a lot on our yard this week since my hubby is finished teaching for the school year. It’s so nice to be getting some projects done and great to have our house looking more like home!

  5. Hey, Rachel… I think the flowers that sprouted may actually be the same flowers Gladys Cole shared with me when we moved into our new house… I don’t know what they’re called, but they bloom a bright, school bus yellow. They’re really pretty. You cut them back at the end of the season… like irises or monkey grass. Speaking of monkey grass… it’s a great sidewalk liner, and it spreads amazingly well! 🙂

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