My Garden

I finally planted my garden! I spent around 5 hours working in the garden – planting my vegetables, weeding and working in the flower bed. I came in very tired (& a little sunburned on my arms) but it felt wonderful to get outside and work!

The big garden task that I have had is reworking my garden plots. We are trying Lasagna Gardening which involves layering organic matter. We read an article about no-till gardening before we read the Lasagna Gardening book and put our mulch down without putting cardboard/newspaper on the grass. Wwe have had grass grow through the mulch. For the past week, I have  been reworking our 7 plots (so far I have completely reworked 4). The reworking involves raking up all the mulch in that area, putting down cardboard, wetting it and covering it back up with mulch. It is hard work but its been worth it and I have enjoyed it (minus the blister on my hand and the stiff muscles the next day).

I was also able to plant my Red Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Cabbage, and Cherry Tomatoes (all of which I started from seed!) I am anxious to watch them grow and produce vegetables for us to eat.
The Red Bell Peppers. You can see the mulch in the plot and the lighter brown is grass clippings…the more organic matter the better!!

A cabbage plant!

The garden. You can see the 4 plots that have been reworked with cardboard/newspaper laid down. The other three are beyond them…but you can’t tell because of all the grass!

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4 Replies to “My Garden”

  1. Your garden spaces look great! Here’s to a good growing season for us all!!! I’ve started the Ruth Stout method this season and so far so good….it’s very similar to the Lasagna Gardening..only a very THICK layer of hay is used with grass and leaves thrown in…I’m reading that book right now to compare the two methods.

  2. Rachel be careful of cabbage worms!!! They have eaten my cabbage! It took me more than 2 weeks of spraying the leaves with salted water every morning and picking off the little green worms before I think I’ve got them gone. I still have to check daily.

  3. I was wondering how the garden is going. Do you have any recent pictures you can post?


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