Easy Pillow Tutorial

Purchasing coordinating/matching pillows to go with your curtains can be expensive but it is nice to have pillows on the couch not only for looks but to use for a nap! When I made my living room curtains I had plenty of extra fabric to make pillows!

Quick & easy  pillow tutorial:

Step 1:

Step 2: Measure the fabric to fit your preformed pillow (I measure so I can use the fold of the fabric as a side) and sew all but 1 side.

Close up of my rough sewing!!

Step 3:Put your pillow in the pillow cover.

Step 4:Fold one side down onto the pillow and fold the other end down to where no rough edges show.

Step 5:This is where it gets fun! Put hot glue on the side that is folded down on the pillow & press the folded fabric on the hot glue until it dries! (I did this in small sections because the glue would dry if I tried to do it all at once!)

Step 6:Done! A finished pillow only sewing 2 straight lines!! You can’t tell it is hot glued & there are no exposed seams at all!!

2 Replies to “Easy Pillow Tutorial”

  1. Hi Rachel!
    I came across your blog while reading others’ blogs yesterday evening. It’s really insprirational for what a young person can do in the home! I’m only 25 (well, almost with a birthday in June), and have been married 2 years in August. I will definitly keep reading!! Thanks!

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Love the new pillows. I wanted to tell you that my mom made me some similar pillows when my son was little. But she put velcro on one end. It made it really easy to throw the covers in the washer when my little person made a mess on a pillow. Or even just to freshen the pillows up. Keep up the good work!

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