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Easy Pillow Tutorial | Frugal & Simple

Easy Pillow Tutorial

Purchasing coordinating/matching pillows to go with your curtains can be expensive but it is nice to have pillows on the couch not only for looks but to use for a nap! When I made my living room curtains I had plenty of extra fabric to make pillows!

Quick & easy  pillow tutorial:

Step 1:

Step 2: Measure the fabric to fit your preformed pillow (I measure so I can use the fold of the fabric as a side) and sew all but 1 side.

Close up of my rough sewing!!

Step 3:Put your pillow in the pillow cover.

Step 4:Fold one side down onto the pillow and fold the other end down to where no rough edges show.

Step 5:This is where it gets fun! Put hot glue on the side that is folded down on the pillow & press the folded fabric on the hot glue until it dries! (I did this in small sections because the glue would dry if I tried to do it all at once!)

Step 6:Done! A finished pillow only sewing 2 straight lines!! You can’t tell it is hot glued & there are no exposed seams at all!!