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We have lived in our home 5 months and have done a lot of work around the house. We are still not fully completed decorating the living room but it is our home and we are enjoying it!

Our living room is really big (our first apartment could just about fit in it!) Our front door is in the very center of the room so it has been somewhat challenging for furniture arrangement. I currently have the room divided in 2 spaces, our “living area” where our couch & TV is and a sitting/sewing area. The arrangement works for now with our furniture!
The view from the hall.

The view from the dining room.

The sewing/sitting area. The barn star is from my mother-in-law, my daddy made the quilt rack for me, the Singer sewing desk was my great grandmother’s and the rocking chair was my Christmas gift from John David our 2nd Christmas! The rocking chair is 1 of 3 pieces of furniture we have purchased new since we have been married!

Left side of the room. (There is no plate over the electric switches, we have to do some electrical work still!)

Our couch (which was John David’s prior to marriage) we really like our leather couch!

The living area! Our coffee table & bookshelf are from John David’s parents and the “entertainment stand” was John David’s when he lived at his parents home. I would love to have a beautiful entertainment armoire…but there are more important things to pay and save for right now but one day we will have one!!

The view to the dining area. You can see how much open floor space is…this is a perfect spot to play with the dog & spread out quilts & patterns when I am sewing!

I would love any layout suggestions….with the center door & the sectional sofa I am having a hard time finding an arrangement that leaves an open path to the door!

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