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My Window Mistreatments | Frugal & Simple

My Window Mistreatments

I love mistreatments! Mistreating my windows has saved me money and I have been able to use my own creativity and design exactly what I want. Plus there is a little bit of pride when I look at my beautiful windows! (I also mistreated my apartment living room!)

I almost took the easy route and purchased curtains. The curtains that I were looking at were nothing fancy but they were $19.88 per panel; I would have spent $79.52 on panels alone! I decided to it myself and purchased fabric, rods, & ring clips for almost half of what I would have spent on panels alone!


Fabric (12 yards on sale at Hobby Lobby)…$25.12
Curtain rods (from Ross)…$13.98
Ring clips (from Hobby Lobby)…$5.99
Total: $45.09

These were really easy! I cut the fabric into 4 equal panels. I then ironed them, turned them inside out and sewed the top and side up, and then flipped them right side out and hemmed the bottom!

Close up of the top! I love the ring clips!

Both of the windows!
I had about almost 2 yards of fabric left over so I made 2 pillows! (I still have a little fabric left and I am not sure if I will make another pillow or not!)

They aren’t fancy curtains and they definitely aren’t perfect (they are mistreatments!) but I think they are beautiful!