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A New Dress | Frugal & Simple

A New Dress

I have a new dress, one that I made!

My mom was on Spring Break this week and came to visit to teach me how to read a pattern.She taught me how to use the machine and sewing basics but we have never made anything together.

The aprons and skirt that I made I have figured out on my own. We decided that we would make a dress. Last month I went to Hobby Lobby when McCall’s Patterns were on sale for $.99! The pattern I chose was the only one I found with a modest neckline.

Monday we went to Hobby Lobby looking for the perfect fabric to make a cute dress. It was a hard decision but we were both pleased with the fabric we decided to go with.

We spent Monday evening working on the dress. She showed me marking the fabric and I followed along with the steps and tried to see what the illustrations meant. I sewed quite a bit on the dress and even helped with the gathering which was challenging for me. It turned out beautiful!

My new favorite modest dress, how exciting that I don’t have to wear an undershirt under this!

The full skirt makes it fun…I was even spinning around like a little girl!!

Soon I am going to make another dress on my own and see if I can make it as cute as this one; hopefully it will turn out good.

*I have had several questions about the cost of this dress. Here is the breakdown:
Fabric: (2 yards @ $3.60/yard) $7.20
Lining Fabric: (2 yards @$1.87/yard) $3.74
Zipper: $1.99
Interfacing: (not sure the price…I am going to guess $2)

Total: $14.93

The pattern was $.99 but I am not counting that because I will use it again and of course I used thread!