Yard Work: Part 1

Since the weather is gorgeous, we were able to get outside and do some yard work! It was so wonderful being outside in the beautiful weather and getting our hands dirty.

John David fixed up my rain barrel! We are catching rainwater from the roof to water our vegetable garden!

Last week when it rained the barrel overflowed and we needed some way to carry the excess water away from the house. He fixed this up. The excess water pours over and onto the green grate and then into the pipe to be carried further out in the yard!

While John David fixed up the rain barrel, I was busy tackling the weeds! Our front flower beds are full of weeds and look horrible! I did as much as I could do Monday!

I ended up very messy!! I don’t think my hands have been this dirty for a couple of years (what apartment living will do to a person!) It was so nice to be outside and get dirty!!

John David thought this made an interesting photo, the beauty of the rings and the dirty hands!

We did get quite a bit accomplished but we still have a lot of work to do! We probably have about 3-4 hours more in the flower bed pulling up weeds, carrying them off, and pulling out electrical wiring (from the previous owners)! We hope the weather is beautiful this weekend so we can get outside and get more yard work done!

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