Episode 20: Easy Baby Quilt Part 2

I continue working on the easy baby quilt. I am sewing the top, batting and backing together.

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9 Replies to “Episode 20: Easy Baby Quilt Part 2”

  1. Good morning! I enjoy your site! I rag quilt but never have attemped a quilt top. After watching your episodes i’m going to give it a try! Plus this gives me a reason to head to the fabric store!! have a great day!

  2. I’m enjoying watching the quilting….it’s something I’d like to try sometime you make it look do-able!

  3. Thank you for making the baby quilt videos. I’m expecting a baby in April and I plan on trying your quilt method.
    Great site..love the ideas for keeping things simple!

    1. I just used fabric I purchased at Wal-Mart/Hobby Lobby from inexpensive bolts. I'm not sure what the exact size was. I made my quilt top the same size as the backing fabric and I had cut the backing fabric a size that I thought would make a good baby quilt.

  4. Hi Rachel, I have been trying to watch this video "Episode 20, Easy Baby Quilt Part II", and everytime I click on it it gives me an error "Sorry, we're unable to play this episode". I wish I could watch it somewhere else. Thank you for your tutorials. They're so helpful for beginners like me.

    1. So sorry! Thanks for letting me know, we'll try to get it resolved soon. {My hubby does the techie stuff, I have no clue how to fix it!} The episode is in iTunes. If you search Life: Frugal and Simple, it's there! Hopefully that will help!

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