Scrap Quilt

I recently went through my scrap fabric and cut out uniform scraps for a scrap quilt (that I’ll make once I have enough scrap blocks).

It took 2 hours to cut all of these out. Now, after I finish up a sewing project whatever scraps I have left will be cut into blocks and stacked with these!

These scraps all remind me of something:

The denim is from jeans that belonged to John David and me.
The red/gold plaid is from our new curtains.
The sunflower print is from the first apron I made.
The green plaid is from a blanket I made my grandma.
The blue is scraps from the couch Kara re-covered!
The farm print is from Jen.
The cream/blue flowers is from our old curtains in our apartment.
The blue/brown/cream checked is from napkins I made.
The baby blue is from my first quilt binding.
The large flower print is from my garden apron!
The blue gingham is from my first quilt & will be in my pinwheel quilt.
The red/blue/cream star print is from my kitchen curtain in my apartment.
The toile is from Kara’s couch pillows!

They are scraps but each of the scraps hold memories that remind me of the places I have lived, people that are close to me, and things I have created in the past. My scrap quilt will be somewhat of a memory quilt and I am sure the others patches that will join these will all hold memories for me too!

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3 Replies to “Scrap Quilt”

  1. Oh you can sew!! It's just a matter of wanting to & trying! When I started 2 years ago I only knew the basics of working a machine (I couldn't even thread it!) I just decided I really wanted to do it and have been sewing ever since! Of course my sewing isn't perfect but that is what makes it beautiful & very unique!! 🙂

  2. What a special project. I’m sure the finished product will be lovely. I have a scrap quilt made by my grandmothers. My paternal grandmother, who died when I was nine, pieced the top and my maternal grandmother finished quilting it for me a few years ago. I treasure it.

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