Hanging Curtains…A Family Project

Hanging curtains was the project we tackled last Monday.

I needed John David to help me hang up the rods and I had to measure, cut, and sew them! It turned out that everybody had a part, including the dog!

John David used the latest technology available to hang the rods!
There is a level application on the iPod touch, how neat is that??
As it turned out, all Mac wanted to do was watch John David hang the rods while laying on the curtain fabric!
He just wouldn’t budge! Of course it does look comfy & cozy!

John David got both of the rods up and after getting the dog a comfy towel to lay on I was able to work with my fabric! I cut the fabric into 4 equal panels and then sewed up the top and side and hemmed the bottom! I finished sewing them that night and we hung them up! I don’t have photos to share just yet but they are absolutely beautiful curtains and I am so proud that I made them and that the total cost to me was under $50!!

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