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Financial Goals: January Update | Frugal & Simple

Financial Goals: January Update

We have made some progress towards our goals this month! Here is the update for the month of January!!

1. Save 3 months living expenses by December 31. We added a small amount this month towards our emergency fund.
2. Pay $3,000 towards our “small loan”. We have paid off almost $2,000 already!!
3. Make an extra principal payment every month. We have decided to take the Dave Ramsey approach and attack the smallest debt first. With focusing solely on our “small loan” we hope to have it entirely paid off this year and will then focus on principal payments!
4. Keep all Miscellaneous spending (Medicine, Toiletries, Clothing, Gifts, Everything but food) under $100 a month. We only spent $20 on miscellaneous spending this month! (Staying out of the stores really helps!!)
5. Sell $500 worth of stuff from around our home by July 31 We didn’t sell anything this month but have several items listed on Craigslist.