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A Little Organization Can Save Money | Frugal & Simple

A Little Organization Can Save Money

When it comes to shopping, a little organization can save money!

I am a bargain hunter; it is something I love and have been doing for years. There is something exciting about finding a cute sweater on clearance for $3 or a great pair of pants for $5 or a $1 picture frame.

I have realized that just because something is on clearance it isn’t always worth the money.

I typically don’t purchase pants or shirts if they are over $10 and dresses if they are more than $20, that has been my unofficial “rule.” I have realized that if I purchase three $5 shirts and wear them only once before donating that I would be better off buying one $20 shirt that I love and is a classic piece I will wear for 2 or 3 years.

This is a recent realization to me: as far as stretching your money goes, many times quality is better than quantity (quality=nice piece you love, quantity=several things you buy because they are cheap!)

I was reminded of this tonight as my husband and I browsed a few stores. I checked out several clearance racks looking for some great deals but remembered that I have no clothing or household needs that would justify even a $5 purchase right now (in fact I am trying to get rid of things.)

As I was walking out the door of the last store, I told my husband, isn’t it crazy how people shop, they just go browsing and pick up anything that strikes their fancy or is on sale! It would be much more efficient to make a list of the clothing, household, or decor items that we need and purchase those items instead of looking for items that are discounted deeply that you will give away within the year.

I am going to approach shopping for clothing, shoes, decor, etc. like grocery shopping, make a list of what I need and stick to it! I am positive I will save money!