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Building Relationships | Frugal & Simple

Building Relationships

Last night we had dinner with one of John David’s new co-workers and his family.We enjoyed sharing a meal with them and getting to know their family.

As I was talking to his wife she said something I have thought of often, “you don’t really get to know the people you go to church with until you visit with them outside of church.” This is something I have often thought of too! When we go to someone’s home or they come to our home we are in a relaxed atmosphere and it is there that you are really able to start building a relationship that is more than talking over prayer requests in Small Group.

We are thankful that we are in a church that encourages out of church gatherings because at our church we “do life together,” and isn’t that something every church and every Christian should strive for, to “do life together,” not just “do church together?”