Discussion Board

A discussion board is helping us communicate better.

I check the mail. I put all junk mail and envelopes in the recycle bin, take care of those things that are my responsibility and lay John David’s mail on his desk. He typically comes home and proceeds to push his mail aside and ┬áhe never sees it and we never talk about it (bills, financial statements, etc.) I am sure many of you can relate to this scenario!

To solve this problem, we now have a discussion board.

I was given this board from a friends yard sale leftovers. You can’t beat free!

On the discussion board is a calendar and our gas bill. As items that John David needs to look at or we need to discuss arrive, I will tack them up and take a few minutes once or twice a week to discuss them.

The discussion board looks great and is serving its purpose keeping us organized!

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  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. In answer to your question about the composting. I have a compost “pile” because I don’t have an actual compost “bin” out where my garden will be. Right now I keep a bucket under the sink and as I have peelings or veggie scraps I put them in there, then dump it every day or every other day. Sometimes depending on what is in there, there can be an odor under the sink till I dump it. I don’t want to walk out to the “pile” everytime I have a little scrap, so I thought if i had a container with a lid, I could toss the stuff in there, and when it gets half full, or when I feel the need, take it to the “pile” and dump it.

  2. We do something similar at our house! It worked especially well when Anthony was working swing shift!

    Hope all is well with the house, puupy, and JD’s new job!

  3. Great idea! I have a cork board sitting in the basement that I bought a few months ago hoping to get organized, and I wasn’t sure the best way to use it. This is perfect!

  4. That’s a great idea! It will definitely help you both in your marriage by making it easier to “bring things up” just by posting them on the board. Then John David gets to see that you wanted to talk about, say, the gas bill, and as he walks by he takes a look at it and already starts thinking about it. I bet you will have much more productive conversations more quickly with this system.

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