Episode 11: Meal Planning

In this episode I’m sharing the importance of meal planning!

3 Replies to “Episode 11: Meal Planning”

  1. Another great episode. I need to do this, especially since I work full-time. Maybe we wouldn’t eat out so much. Thanks for all the tips and please share more recipe cards!

  2. Awesome episode! I started a spreadsheet of our meals plus ingredients that I can pick from as I watched yesterday. I haven’t been meal planning since before I met my husband, but fondly remember the lack of last minute panic… LOL Will have to give it another go.

  3. Rachel, have you ever tried any of the recipe/meal planning software? I was comparing different software yesterday and am trying out Living Cookbook. I can see benefits to using software, but in some ways it seems to make things more complicated. I like that you can drag recipes into meals quickly. I like that some (Living Cookbook) keep an inventory of your pantry, but it also seems like that would take discipline to keep up with if you used something up. In the past, whenever I did meal planning, I just used a piece of paper or an erasable board, and it seemed like that was simple enough, but I'm always looking for a way to spend less time and energy on things.

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