Filled with Faith

This has been a week filled with emotions but isn’t it wonderful that God is always there for us to lean on? When life is going good or when things that you never expected and hurts you have never experienced happen He is there! I find comfort in this!

Some of the things God has taught me this week:

*He takes care of our every need. We had to buy 2 new tires for my car because my tread was very low! I am just thankful that God provides and allows a $270 bill not to make a huge impact on our finances. That is why we save money and have an emergency fund for these things. And more recently we have started a car fund to take care of our vehicles because they are getting older and to have a little built up when we need to buy a new car, hopefully in 100,000 miles 🙂

*He reveals his plans to us. We have friends who are in the ministry and have been searching for the place God wants them. God has given them direction and now they know a more specific area to search! God cares about these things, when we seek, He reveals.

*When things happen that we can’t understand that He has a plan and can work ALL things according to His will! It is hard to understand this and in some cases it may take months to understand why things happen the way they do but He is walking along side us when we are trying to grasp things.

*I have really been reflecting on this a lot this week: the closer we grow to God the more we see how sinful we are. We are all sinners saved by God’s grace and that has me in awe, how gracious God is. Forgiveness is a hard thing for us to do and yet God offers us forgiveness and through Jesus washes away our sins no matter what they may be!

*No matter what the state of our country is, He is here. We sang Wednesday in worship, “On Christ the solid rock I stand,” He is a solid rock, the only thing solid that we can have in this life and when we realize this we have nothing to fear, the economy or the election shouldn’t scare us because Christ is our rock!