The Small Ways God Works

This morning I looked at my meal plan list on my fridge and I thought about the small ways God works. He often shows himself in the small things.

Last Sunday, I had planned 9 meals; 4 days later and we have only had 2 of the meals!! Isn’t that amazing?

Monday we were invited to dinner at the Simmerman’s, Tuesday I cooked, Wednesday I made chili which was lunch for John David yesterday and dinner last night.

We so often make it through a week and only 2 or 3 meals have been cooked and I often think “wow, what did we eat, I only crossed 3 meals off the list?” God just blesses us in so many ways and he shows himself to us by blessing us in so many little ways.

Without God, we could not make it on a $160 a month food budget and have excess groceries and money in the budget each month! GOD IS SO GOOD!