Wardrobe Basics

Last week I cleaned out my closet! Typically I go through and pull out the things I no longer like. This time I took a different approach, I pulled everything out and put back only the things I love. The things I put back first were the basic wardrobe pieces.

Here is the list of essentials for me:


1. Black, Brown, and Tan Pants
2. Black and Brown Knee Length Pencil Skirt
3. Black and Brown Capris

1. 2-Pair Khakis
2. 2-Pair Jeans
3. Khaki and Denim Skirt


1. White, Black and Brown Long Sleeve Button-Up
2. White Short Sleeve Button-Up

1. White and Black Short Sleeve Tee
2. White and Black Long Sleeve Tee
3. White, Black and Brown Cardigan

1. Black Dress
2. Black and Brown Wool Coat
3. Black Jacket (matches black skirt & pants)
4. Rain Jacket

These are my basics. I wear at least one of these everyday. I add to this list Spring/Summer Skirts & Dresses and Fall/Winter Skirts & Sweaters as well as solid and printed tops.