De-cluttering Again

I have been de-cluttering again today since we are moving (more than likely) before the end of the year (John David’s been training almost 3 1/2 months and if we were to stay in Columbia, we would purchase a home). I am getting a head start on getting things out of the house before moving day arrives (whenever that may be!)

What I did::

1. Clothing assessment Since fall is coming, I wanted to know what kind of fall/winter clothes I have. After this assessment, I realized that I have more than enough clothes to get me through the fall & winter so no clothing shopping for me! In fact after carefully going through everything I really need to be getting rid of more clothes…another day for that though!

2. Cleaned out scrapbook items Since I have not been scrapbooking much in over a year I decided that it was silly to have a ton of paper & stickers & other items just sitting so I went through and found several items to sell on craigslist (hopefully!) I listed 50 12x 12 sheets of paper,stickers, and a group of miscellaneous paper, stickers, and letters. I already had an inquiry about the 50 sheets of paper so hopefully I can get some of this sold!

3. Listed a shirt on Craigslist I have been meaning to do this for weeks! I tried to sell one of John David’s Twenty X shirts on eBay unsuccessfully so I listed it today finally!

4. Went through books We finally sold ALL of our textbooks through but today I went through the bookshelves to see if there was anything else and found 3 books! Two of them I have listed on and the other, a copy of the 1975 Baptist Hymnal (I have 2), I am trying to figure out what to do with.

I am still in the decluttering mode so no telling what else I may decide is going (the night is still young!)