Estate Auction Deals

We found some wonderful estate auction deals today!

This was my first estate auction and I had a wonderful time!

We made several bids and came home with a couple of boxes of fun things. I was excited about all of the fabric we purchased. We paid $7.50 for one box and $5 for another box! With our $5 box we got 4 quilt frames and a lady bought those from us for $2 which was great since I wasn’t planning on using them. We purchased everything for $10.50!!

This is my favorite!! It is a cream throw that we bought in our $5 box!!

The contents of our boxes:

  • Fabric {tons of fabric, solids & prints!}
  • 4 cookbooks
  • Baptist hymnal
  • King James Bible
  • Baptist Doctrine book

I was very pleased with everything we got for $10.50! On the way home we stopped by Goodwill and dropped off a box of pillows, fabric ¬†and books we didn’t want. I came home and went through the rest of the fabric and washed what I wanted. I now have another box to send to Goodwill. I have a lot of sewing to do…I can’t wait! And I may even have enough fabric to make a quilt!! Everything I have kept is very useful and will be used and not just collect dust!

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