Ready for Guests

We’re finally ready for guests!

Our new mattress was delivered for our guest room this afternoon! After it arrived, I realized that I hadn’t bought a bed skirt for the bed and it needed one. I was able to improvise and I took a queen size yellow gingham flat sheet, ironed it and it makes a lovely bed skirt! I am glad it didn’t cost anything, it seems like we just keep spending money for things that we need to make our apartment a home and I am tired of spending.

The guest bed waiting for our first guest. The bed was John David’s great grandmother’s bed and the quilt was purchased for my bed when I was a teenager – on clearance for $20!

This wicker hamper I found at Goodwill makes a cute little nightstand (especially we cannot afford to purchase more furniture right now!)

It worked out perfectly that we have a guest tonight! John David’s sister, Jill, is visiting!


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  1. I love seeing Granny Cobble’s bed being used in your new home. When we were little we would put a blanket on the end of the bed as a saddle and pretend that the foot of the bed was our horse. She would be very proud of you both. I can’t wait to have my turn sleeping in the new guest room.

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