Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home!

We are settled in and I am finally able to relax in our new home. We have made a lot of progress in a few short days! I realized that moving is not as overwhelming as I thought it was, we have been here two weeks and about 8 of those days we were out of town so we were really able to get a lot done in a short amount of time. This gives me encouragement for the next move which is inevitable within the next year!

Here are some pictures of our new home:

Our entry. We needed curtains to cover up our small side windows and we couldn’t find the “real” ones anywhere so I improvised! I took one panel, (that I bought at Ross for $2.50!) cut it in two and made two small curtains to cover up the windows!

Our new living room. I made those curtains – they were easy and inexpensive!

My new bookcase from John David’s mom, since my living room is bigger I can have a bigger bookcase now!

The tray on the first shelf says “Bless This Home”, my mom bought that for me the Christmas before I was married. The pitcher and glasses on the second shelf were a wedding gift, they have bluebirds hand painted on them! I didn’t have anywhere to put them in our previous apartment but now I do! (I can picture sitting on a porch in a rocking chair drinking fresh squeezed lemonade from my beautiful glasses!)

My stairs and entry table. I finally have both of our wedding portraits on the wall! I found those beautiful frames at Goodwill for $3 each!!

My sewing area! My great great grandmothers singer sewing machine desk, my great grandmothers sewing machine and my beautiful chair I found at Goodwill for $20!

I only lack completing the guest bedroom (I can’t finish it until we buy a mattress!) Thankfully, every box is unpacked and the only things in the guest bedroom are the items that are going to be used to decorate with! John David is almost finished with his studio. I finally figured out why it has taken him so long….it is the most distracting room in the whole house since his computer is in there! If all the rooms I were working on had a computer in them it certainly would have taken me much longer!!